Follow these simple directions to wash your hands or face.

Why Washawaze™?

All-in-One Body Wash, Shampoo & Conditioner, Shave Gel.

No waste. No mess.
Washawaze™ Wash & Shave Squares and Shower Sheets eliminate waste, containers and dispensers, which means less mess and labor.
Washawaze™ are biodegradable, don't make a mess or clog drains. Each square and sheet provides the right amount of cleansing complete dissolving.
Safer Products
Washawaze™ products don't leave a film or residue so floors are less slippery, reducing the potential for accidental falls and related injuries.

Changing the way we clean.

Easy Dispensing
Just hand out a single-use, fully dissolvable Washawaze™ or a full week's supply.
Easy to Ship & Store
25+ Washawaze™ Sheets or 140+ Washawaze™ Squares weigh less than an ounce, eliminating the costs of heavy containers and storage of liquid soap.
Bulk Packaging
Get 1,200 complete showers in a single case.
One Washawaze™ lasts for an entire shower, bath or hand wash.
Safety & Security
Avoids possible use of soap as contraband in correctional facilities.
Exceeds Standards
Washawaze™ are child friendly and meet youth requirements.
Use Cases

Children & Family Services

20,580 children in out-of-home placement and 11,000 referrals a month for LA County DCFS alone. 


Correctional Facilities

Almost 300 one-gallon containers of liquid soap are required for 400 inmate showers/mo – two pallets of containers!


Disaster Preparedness

Single-use bottles of shampoo and liquid soap are commonly used & distributed at a cost of $2+ per use.


Homeless Outreach

50,000 homeless veterans in the US as of Jan 2014.

All-in-One Wash & Shave Squares

1.5″ x 1.5″ Squares perfect for washing hands/face, or shaving”

Pack of 50
All-in-One Shower Sheets

3″ x 4″ Sheets perfect for showering or bathing, cleansing and moisturizing whole body and shampooing/conditioning hair.

Pack of 20
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